What Time Of Year Is Best Time To Buy Furniture?

Did you know that there are specific times of the year that you should consider purchasing furniture? This may seem strange, but it’s actually true, and it has to do with how the furniture industry operates. There are also other reasons that are not directly related to the furniture industry that will prompt some of these businesses to offer exceptional sales. It has to do with the habits of people, the climate, and their location, when it comes to getting these fantastic prices. Here are the two best times to purchase furniture throughout the year if you want to get the best possible deals.

Reasons To Purchase Furniture In January

There are some people that find it very easy to find great deals on furniture during the month of January. The reason has to do with new furniture that is being brought into stores. Furniture stores typically change up the furniture that they offer on an annual basis. In order to sell the new furniture, they need to move out the old furniture fast. It is for this reason that you will often find extreme discounts, some of which seem to be at cost. They understand that they are not going to make a profit, but they do need the space, and therefore you can save a substantial amount of money.

Reasons To Purchase Furniture In July

This is arguably the best time of the year to get furniture. The deals are going to be very similar to what you are able to obtain in January. The primary difference is that the discounts will be on the furniture for that year. The reason that they are offering these discounts is that during the summer, especially in July, not a lot of people are thinking about getting new furniture. Therefore, to get sales, or at least make their money back on the furniture they have invested in during this slow time, they will offer discounts that will rival or surpass those that can be found in January.

Other Times You Can Purchase Furniture At A Discount

Although there are specific times of the year where excellent deals can be obtained, there are certain times of the year, in each month, where you can save a lot of money. These tend to happen during the holidays. This is not necessarily Christmas or Thanksgiving, but it could be a holiday such as a special day on the calendar where people are able to get a three day weekend. It may also occur during times like 4th of July and other special days as well. If you are subscribed to any lists that are provided by furniture companies, they will likely send you emails about the specials which you can take advantage of.

As you can see, there are two primary times during the year where you can get good deals on furniture. This is during January and July. If you miss these windows of opportunity, there will always be sales that are offered during special days and holidays, helping you to save quite a bit of money on the furniture that you would like to purchase.