The 5 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Upgrade Your Bed

If you have been thinking about getting a brand-new bed for several years, it might be time to do so. There are certain indications that it is time to sit down, go online, and start comparing different mattresses. In fact, you might want to consider getting an entirely new bedroom set, and there are ways that you can do this that are cost effective. However, the primary concern that many people have is their overall comfort. Let’s discuss the 5 telltale signs that it is certainly time to upgrade your existing bed.

You Are In Comfortable All Night

If you have a standard bed that has springs inside, or even if it is a newer Tempur-Pedic model, you may notice that you are feeling less comfortable every day. It may keep you up at night, and you may also wake up with a sore back, and these are indications that is time to get rid of your existing mattress and switch over to a new one.

The Mattress Squeaks

Another indication that it’s time to get a new bed is that the mattress is beginning to squeak. This tends to happen when people are simply shifting around. The older that the mattress is, the more it will begin to do this. This is also an indication that the high level of support that it once provided is now beginning to diminish.

The Mattress Has a Bad Odor

Although most people will change their sheets regularly, over time, it is possible that body odors may have permeated into the fabric of the mattress. It’s also possible that you may have spilled different things on the mattress over the course of several years, and all of these odors combined are causing quite a problem. You may not be able to sleep at night because of how bad it smells, and therefore you will need to get a new mattress.

The Mattress Is Sagging

A sagging mattress is one of the most obvious indications that you need to get a new bed. That is because the support system underneath the top portion of the mattresses no longer fully functional. This is just the natural degradation of mattresses, especially if it has been 10 years or more.

The Mattress Has Springs Coming Through the Surface

One final reason that you may want to get rid of your mattress, and perhaps more obvious than a sagging mattress, is the appearance of Springs coming through the top layer. If you were to accidentally lay on that area of the bed, you could be injured. Therefore, this needs to be replaced immediately with a mattress that does not have this type of damage.

These five signs are general indicators of the need for a new mattress. Even if you do not have the cash to pay for one, they often offer exceptional deals if you make monthly payments. All you have to do is find a company that will be willing to provide you with a good price on a mattress that is the same size that you have right now, but it won’t have any of the previously mentioned problems.